I'm an infosec dude specialising in offensive security.

The blog has security, maths, physics, music, and some life.

I come from 7 years of mathematical physics and pure mathematics. Unluckily, my interest lied in areas that were either stagnating or ivory tower. I'll temporarily spare you the rants about the axiom of choice and the prevalence of certain unfalsifiable theories.

I wanted to do something useful, complex, and capable of kindling a passion similar to physics. Mulling that over while gazing into the reflection of my battle-tested tinfoil hat, information security clicked.

I learnt programming, system administration, web development, forced my friends to use OTR and PGP, and hacked through OSCP, OSCE, and OSWP. I've worked as a Security Analyst and a Vulnerability Research Engineer. AWAE, ringzer0, and emigrating from Ireland are the current goals.

Other than that, I love writing/playing/hearing music, watching documentaries/MMA, good food (read: pizza), GNU/linux, and lulz.

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