Sick Songs 02

Not too much security has been written here since the last one of these posts. Last year was busy. This year maybe we'll see some interesting ideas, maybe it'll take a while longer before I can contribute in an advanced manner. Either way, I'll do these music posts annually.

1. Deus Ex OST - UNATCO (Conversation)

I think that, if I could commit to it in the name of science, I could listen to this song on repeat for a month with constant satisfaction. If you find this amusing you'll be pleased to know it works on many other JRE podcasts.

2. Naibu - Bird's Eye View

Naibu making another appearance is no surprise. The vocals on the Corners EP weren't my cup of tea overall, unfortunately. This song is from the multi-artist Chilling on the Couch LP2.

3. At War With Self - The God Interface

Instrumental prog-ish metal with Michael Manring on the fretless bass and an intense vibe that occasionally dances around Diablo II OST.

4. Nyolfen - Cloudburst

Some rhythymically gripping intense electro.

5. Dragon Ball Z OST - Zenkai Power

This brings me back. I won't say to where, but it's a pretty solid song anyway.

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