Sick Songs 03

Last year was busy. Again. I'm working on a few proper blogs, but it's time for some annual song spam. This time more songs. I might chuck up some themed playlists soon™.

1. Hiatus Kaiyote - 12 Atari

Just listen! The youtube description does more justice. Pretty unique sound drawing on many genres. Beautiful rhythm.

2. J. Cole - Neighbors

Chilled ghostly timbre.

3. Akercocke - One Chapter Ends for Another to Begin

After seeing the lead songwriter's normalo LinkedIn profile, there seemed scant chance of any more music. However, in August 2017, after a decade-long hiatus since their previous album, progressive blackened death metal band Akercocke are back blasting for satan.

4. omniboi - Cloudsurfing

^_^ Mind-cleansing production.

5. Ovlov - "Really Bees"

Crunchy guitar and subdued-enough singing let this avoid my inexplicable unlistenability-threshold if music is too on-the-nose emotionally. Short, but on repeat it's great fuel for mildly-melancholic, mildly-angered winter runs.

6. Simcity 3000 OST - Infrastructure

Really builds :^] Amazing for concentration; As is the entire OST.

7. Pikachu - 2.B.A. MASTER

When I downloaded this single, someone'd set the Artist metadata to "Pikachu." Fun song despite his voice's... abnormal variance.

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