Sick Songs 04

Bill Hicks' opinion on marketing and advertising lurks in the mind. In the old days and still on some sites, your subscription feed was content from your subscriptions linearly with time. Now algorithms min-maxing advertisement clicks/views warp it. Both with and without the alogrithm can create polarising echo chambers, but which one do you think creates worse ones? Advertisments have one thing in common; they all assume you're dumb.

If, on the off chance you already don't, then for the love of the quark gluon soup, BLOCK 'EM.

1. Crudbump - NSA

Ex-coworkers were ex-employees of this organisation. They're smart people usually with decent enough morality. It's a shame the net result is reprehensible.

2. Squid - Match Bet

Thanks to Josh for introducing me to Squid.

3. Weedpecker - Embrace

Polish stoners. Proggy for stoner rock. Thanks to Alexey.

4. Farao - Marry Me

Norwegian songwriter. Really engrossing production. Another owed to Josh.

5. Louis Cole - Weird Part of the Night

Lyrics to empathise with. Funky beats to move with.

6. Justin Bell - Defiance Bay

Peaceful Pillars of Eternity OST.

7. Time Trax - Title Screen

Chiptune stand out.

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